We're big fans of natural ingredients and we love it when we can buy them from local suppliers!

There are few secrets to good baking…one of them is to use fresh quality ingredients.

Sweetners play an important role in many baked goods.  We prefer to use unrefined sweeteners. That is not always possible if you want to produce certain products so we use organic evaporated cane juice in most of the cookies. We also use honey, molasses, maple syrup and agave.  You will never find white sugar or white bleached sugar in our baked goods or on our shelves.

We make our own brown sugar, combining molasses with organic evaporated cane juice. This allows us to maintain the proper balance of moisture and flavor and many times creates a softer moister baked product.

You can’t have a bakery without chocolate. How would you make chocolate chunk cookies, chocolate cake, brownies?  You couldn’t.  We use only 50-82% chocolate.  We also use an amazing dutch processes cocoa.  The combination of both produces an intense choco-licious flavor.

Milk, eggs and butter: any dairy products that we use are RHbt free and all come from the northwest region.  We use real butter. You will never find us using margarine or vegtable shortening.

We use flax in many of the baked goods.  The idea came from a flax muffin study that was done years ago. The study showed the role that flax could play in breast cancer prevention.  For our purposes, we like the fact that flax allows us to cut down on some of the fats that are put into baked good, provides a source of omega 3’s and healthy legnins, not to mention a nice subtle nutty flavor.

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