Are you looking to add gluten free options to your shop or expanding your existing gf offerings?  We make it easier for you to add quality, yummy gluten free options at affordable prices. 

Your gf customers will be so excited to have an option or more choices, they'll tell their gf friends and family.  The gf community is an amazing group of people that support each other through social media groups, they recommend safe places to eat and where to grab gf treats.


Blue Moon gluten free options includes:  packaged cookies and treats, ready to bake cookies and breakfast pastries, assorted bulk-non packaged fresh baked cookies and treats.  We'll help you navigate gf best practices, provide gf training & info for your employees and provide samples to your team and customers.  We're happy to have pop-up events too

For more information email us or give us a call.       503.730.2844